Wahoo - Preferred Method - Trolling

Once you've seen a Wahoo strike, you will never forget it. Wahoo will trail a bait, study it, and then leap forward and grab it and tear off running. All in one blazingly fast move.

When a Wahoo hits the bait the reel starts screaming and runs your line may run out 200 yards. This is the allure that no other fish will give you. The Wahoo is a lean, sleek, torpedo looking fish.

They look like a Barracuda on steroids.

The Wahoo has beautiful irridescent blue bars that run vertically all along its body. They literally light up when when in predator mode.

Great Eating

Few argue that there is a better tasting fish than the Wahoo. It can be argued that there isn't a fish in the ocean that has whiter meat than a Wahoo and the texture of the meat makes you want to eat all of it as Sashimi, Sushi or very lightly seared. It is a crime to cook this fish for longer than a few minutes, as there is no need to alter its texture from its right out of the water texture.

Fishing Methods

To catch a Wahoo, a fisherman will need a steel leader of over 100 lb. test, and it needs to be about 3 to 4 feet in length. It is often that you will see the marks of the leader wire along the sides of the Wahoo body after catching one. On a few occasions I have witnessed fishermen wanting to use monofilament test leader only to be amazed at the mono shreds left from the 'hoo's razor like teeth. To catch them, our local fishermen will recommend Rapala and Yozuri lures and deepwater divers anywhere in the 3 to 5 inches range as with anything saltwater the bigger the lure the bigger the fish remember a weighted lure is best. Your luck with the lure will vary depending on what the Wahoo are eating in the area you are fishing


The body of the wahoo is elongated and solidly packed with high quality meat.  These fish are prized not only for the sport of fishing, but for the meat as well. 

Wahoo are part of the  Mackeral  family.  Silver with about 30 wavy stripes down their sides and an iridescent blue topside , they are designed for speed and camouflage. Deadly hunters, who prowl the canyon edge where the deep water begins, they can be caught by trolling along the ledge, just offshore starting about a quarter mile from the Mayan Riviera coast.  

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