Puerto Aventuras

Location of Puerto Aventuras Marina
and the home of
Wasabi Loco Sportfishing Adventures.

This is a Live View pointing to the north. If the camera were pointing south it would be pointing at the marina.


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Tips from Our Experts

Learn from those who have gone before

Rico - The Capt

Have you ever wondered why so many people love to go deep sea fishing? The answer is simple. These fish are usually huge, and weigh much more than the fish you can catch in freshwater. These larger sized fish can really give you a workout while your out on the water. It really does not matter if you are fishing for tuna or mahi mahi because they both put up an awesome fight. Now that we have got that out of the way lets talk about learning some tips. Experience is everything! What I mean is both your own experiences, and tips from others who have the knowledge through years of trial and error.

First Mate - Vicki

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen, I can't say it enough. Even on a cloudy overcast day you can still get burned by UV rays. Wear a hat to keep the sun from beating down on your head, and make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip.

If you begin to suffer from the effects of sea sickness, it is best to try to stay on deck. Going down below will only make it worse. The closed quarters with limited air flow will only accelerate your sickness. Try to focus on the horizon as best you can and stay away from strong odors such as bait and beer until the sickness passes. I have found that taking motion sickness medications prior to the trip do help. You will also want to keep a cool, clean towel handy for your face until the nausea passes.

Second Mate - Carlos

Getting kids hooked on fishing is a gift of immeasurable value. The best gift you can ever give a kid -- yours or someone else's -- is to get them hooked on fishing. The skills, conservation lessons, and appreciation for the outdoors that they will receive will last them a lifetime.