General Questions

Prices are for the whole boat. Divide the price by the number of anglers to figure out the per person price.

We only provide lunch for full day (8 hour) trips. We do provide sodas, water & ice. If you are staying at an all-inclulsive hotel, we always recommend having them prepare a boxed lunch for you. You've paid for all of your food, afterall. If they give you any static about it just tell them you want the lunch for your room. Most hotels are quite cooperative.

Absolutely! Children are all welcome. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Infants are not recommended except in the absolutely calmest of seas.

Yes, indeed. Our English speaking crews will help you as much or as little as you require. They are used to working with novices to experienced anglers.
Predominantly we will be trolling. This means riding around pulling bait. This is how we attract the large pelagic predators. It is usually the most comfortable of all. Sometimes we will also do some "bottom fishing". This means being parked in one place with lines dropping into the water. This is how we catch snappers, groupers and triggerfish. Bottom fishing is usally not recommended when the water is a bit rough because it can be more uncomfortable than trolling.
Deposits are refundable up to ten days prior to your scheduled trip. If we have to cancel your trip due to weather issues your deposit will be fully refunded.

Our aim is to offer the absolute best service we can while keeping unnecessary costs down.
When you make your deposit, you are doing it through an American Bank.
By using an American bank, all of your rights and privilidges are maintained. When you come to Mexico we request cash because most everything down here operates on a cash basis. Half the time the credit card machine isn't working at the Pemex when we try to buy diesel. The employees don't have bank accounts and have no way to cash checks easily available to them
. When we accept your credit card down here, the money goes to the U.S. The U.S. government thinks they should get about 30% of it. Then it costs $50.00 to do an international transfer which takes days.
We estimate that taking U.S. credit cards down here would add unneccesary costs. We would have to pass that cost on to our customers. We prefer to sidestep the whole issue.
Don't get me wrong, we do what we is necessary to earn your business. We'll accept gold, silver, conflict diamonds, cash, credit, whatever it takes to get the deal done.
It just works out easier (and cheaper) for everybody if we get cash at the dock.
We appreciate your understanding.

Tips from Our Experts

Learn from those who have gone before

Rico - The Capt

Have you ever wondered why so many people love to go deep sea fishing? The answer is simple. These fish are usually huge, and weigh much more than the fish you can catch in freshwater. These larger sized fish can really give you a workout while your out on the water. It really does not matter if you are fishing for tuna or mahi mahi because they both put up an awesome fight. Now that we have got that out of the way lets talk about learning some tips. Experience is everything! What I mean is both your own experiences, and tips from others who have the knowledge through years of trial and error.

First Mate - Vicki

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen, I can't say it enough. Even on a cloudy overcast day you can still get burned by UV rays. Wear a hat to keep the sun from beating down on your head, and make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip.

If you begin to suffer from the effects of sea sickness, it is best to try to stay on deck. Going down below will only make it worse. The closed quarters with limited air flow will only accelerate your sickness. Try to focus on the horizon as best you can and stay away from strong odors such as bait and beer until the sickness passes. I have found that taking motion sickness medications prior to the trip do help. You will also want to keep a cool, clean towel handy for your face until the nausea passes.

Second Mate - Carlos

Getting kids hooked on fishing is a gift of immeasurable value. The best gift you can ever give a kid -- yours or someone else's -- is to get them hooked on fishing. The skills, conservation lessons, and appreciation for the outdoors that they will receive will last them a lifetime.