Weddings, bachelor parties, reunions, large family groups?

Wedding Parties

Wedding parties, bachelor parties and large groups. You have special needs and we can help you. The first thing to establish is how many people want to catch fish? This is an important question when it comes to loading a boat. We can do up to eight anglers or even ten on our large boat. We certainly don't recommend more than that. If you are an avid angler and you want to catch fish, there's nothing worse than being number eight in rotation when you only catch seven fish!

On a fishing boat, the most important part of the boat is the "cockpit". This is the platform on the back of the boat where all of the action takes place.

It is easy to assume that a 50' boat will handle a lot more anglers than a 32' boat. After all, it's a much larger boat.

Unfortunately, that is not correct. The number of anglers that a boat can handle is dependant on the size of the "cockpit". Boats which are built strictly for fishing have much larger cockpits than boats which are not built specifically for fishing.

The result is that you will see a 32' Blackfin with a bigger cockpit than a 46' Bertram. Sure the Bertram is bigger but it's all wasted space. When fishing, nobody really wants to be inside the "salon". There are several reasons. Not the least of which the cockpit is where the action is happening.

Also, the chances of being seasick are much greater if you are "below decks". There are reasons for this but for now, take my word for it.

That's why our "open" boats are so popular. Not only do they have large cockpits for fishing but they are also laid out so that the "lounge" area is above decks and adds to the usable space of the boat.

The result is that eight people are much more comfortable on board one of our 32' boats than they are on some 46' boats.

All of that extra space on a large boat is dedicated to "staterooms" (bedrooms), dual heads and other uses that are great if you want to live on the boat but not so great if you want to fish on the boat.

With all of that said, we can certainly handle 8-10 total people on our large boats quite easily.

IF you have more than 10 people going out, you should absolutely consider more than one boat. By splitting up your party you greatly increase the anglers' chances of catching a fish.

It is also great fun to have "mini" tournaments. It's amazing how much fun it is just to have a bit of competition. Prizes can be as simple as a case of beer or even monetary.

If you want to put twelve or more people on a boat, keep in mind that you are sacrificing angler success and comfort. You will also be increasing the likelihood of seasickness due to people being forced indoors.

We can certainly accomodate larger groups but we suggest that you consider boats that are more appropriate for these situations. You can still keep a couple of lines in the water but the boats are set up more for comfort and cruising and are much more suited for a "party" type excursion.

We can make everyone comfortable and of course snorkeling is a very enjoyable experience while cruising the pristine waters of the Caribbean. And you can still catch fish