Driving in Mexico? It's not that crazy.

There are other options to taxis and shuttles!

Why not rent a car? Most credit cards save you money on the insurance when you use their card.

Yeah, it's a foreign country but we drive on the right just like the states

The laws and signs are also pretty much like in the U.S.

Sure you have to be observant and of course drive defensively.

But, you can sure save money.

When you book with us we provide you with an information sheet that includes a referral to a shuttle service that provides our customers a nice discount. We have no financial connection to them, but they offer the discount in appreciation for the number of our customers that use them.

There are a lot of wonderful places to visit!

Crime is not really the issue the media would have you believe. You are quite safe traveling the tourist areas of the Riviera Maya.

If you are staying in an "all inclusive" it may be tempting to just stay on the hotel property. BUT you will miss so many wonderful experiences!